The Amish Exemption

There are very few, if any, cultures and peoples that I respect more than the Amish. I can’t think of any off of the top of my head at the time of this writing. One moment truly opened my eyes to the depth of their beliefs. You may remember when there was the shooting at the Amish School House, it was truly a terrible bloodbath, if you can handle the gruesome the Wikipedia article sums it up pretty well. Regardless, the event was exceptional because of the reaction of the Amish people. Their response of forgiveness was overwhelming. The people comforted the parents and widow of the killer, set up a charity for his relatives and even attended his funeral. Whatever you think of their response, it is a testament to their beliefs that they were so forgiving at such a difficult time. I appreciate the Amish for their sense of community, their confidence in ideals and their robust work ethic. If I had to design a society from the ground up, I feel like it would very much resemble the Amish. For the record, I consider it a testament to the continuing viability of the American dream that these people can live live their way of life peacefully to this day.

Many people believe that the Amish do not pay taxes. This is only partially true. They do not pay Social Security Tax, as their belief system does not allow them to pay for insurance, as it shows that they do not believe in god’s will. This was not always the case, in the early days the IRS tried to levy taxes on an Amish man, going so far as to take half of his horses (he is a farmer who doesn’t use tractors, so this was rough). The Amish “fought” back, and the media got involved. Its a pretty amazing story:

Pay Unto Caesar – The Amish & Social Security

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