Library of Alexandria

One of the greatest historical “what if’s” that I think about is “what if the Library of Alexandria hadn’t burnt down?” I literally get goose-bumps when I think about all the knowledge that circulated between those columns. It was only around for about 150 years, but it collected knowledge and research from all over the Mediterrannean.

The biggest mystery is what happened to the library of Alexandria (the Straight Dope, as always, has a great explanation of this). There is a new library that has been constructed on the site of the former scholastic paradise. Here are some electronic reconstructions of the library:

The interior. Beautiful.

The interior. Beautiful.

Exterior. Awesome.

Exterior. Awesome.

Here are a bunch of links about the library, in descending order of which I like the most:

God I love the Straight Dope

History Magazine Article

Decline of the Library of Alexandria

Alexandrian Scholarship

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