Kasparov vs the World: the Ultimate Showdown

In 1999, Gary Kasparov, the reigning heavyweight champion of chess took on the entire world, literally. Many consider it the greatest game ever played. It took 62 moves and 4 months for Kasparov to cast his winning move. Kasparov said that no single game consumed more of his time. He published a book on it a year later, clocking in at 202 pages, which is the longest analysis of a single game ever published.

Here’s how it worked. People could vote on which move they wanted to take against Kasparov, the vote with the plurality being chosen. 4 chess stars suggested moves to the masses. After the people chose their move, Kasparov had 24 hours to make his. You can see the match played out here:

Kasparov v World

Here are a bunch of articles about it:


The final move, if you're at all interested

The final move, if you're at all interested

These kinds of things are why I love the internet. The collective intellect of the internet masses battles the heavyweight champ of chess, and what comes out is one of the most complex battles of minds that the world has ever seen.

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